Past was a blast: when qSPORT was media spunk

Back in December 2005 qSPORT was a hit in mainstream media for about a one week starting from main news web portal of Croatia 'discovering' an invite of for Croatian LGBTIQ+ rowers to join...this was then picked up by, and finally Croatian TV as a part of a late evening quiz Piramida in which host Ċ½eljka Ogresta asked 3 contestants (including retired war general) what they thought of Gay athletes in Croatia. Media rush stopped week after as it was end of the year and one of the most prominent Croatian war generals Gotovina was finally captured after escaping all international attempts for a very long time. This episode was first major crisis of small queer communal sport and recreation initiative that lost more then half of its 20+ members after this media shock and before the end of its first calendar year of existence.

QueerSport projects presented at 'contesting/contexting SPORT 2016'

Several QueerSport projects presented at 'contesting/contexting SPORT 2016' exhibition and program at nGbK and KunstraumKreuzberg/Bethanien during the summer 2016. This was an exceptional opportunity to show the wide range of works of artists and activists working in the field of sport on the international scale during the EURO and Olympics. This was also an opportunity for a group of people involved with a project to form a nucleus of international connective that works as ccSPORT. More information on the exhibition at

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