material work presented at Making Matters

Zeljko prototyping inflatable rainbow with Tools for Action

QueerSport material work is being presented in the Hague at the Making Matters Symposium... from 2012 QueerMedals (image of Youth Pride Games Manchester 2012 medals made with RubberByKat), over 2013-2014-2015-2016 Kickertables to 2014 Pop-Up RAINBOW ... work that was done in collaborations with ToolsForAction, and with support of fablabs of Timelab, de WAAG, Fablab BXL and arts&culture organizations like Brussels's Constant vzw (during GenderBlending week at Beursschouwburg Brussels) and BAINS (RECOMERCE festival) or in L'Entorse (Sport & Art Festival in Lille - French instance). Giant inflatable rainbow intervenes at annual swim race in Vis / Croatia

photos by Csilla Hódi

At 6p.m. on Saturday the 16th of August on the paradise island of Vis in Croatia, the annual open water swimming event was expected to run as usual. Instead a giant inflatable rainbow carried by activists intervened in the closing section of the race to establish queer visibility in public space and sport, and to protest Croatia’s again increasing LGBTIQ discrimination -recently coming in bottom (with Latvia) of the EU list of LGBTIQ (2) friendly places. The focus on the ethics of sports is due to the fact that sports environments are very hostile to any minority involvement.

POP-UP RAINBOW// / / Workshop

photo by Multimedia Institute ( CC-by-SA 3.0

JOIN Workshop & MAKE together colossal POP-UP RAINBOW!
(... and clouds) ((... and sea eagles?)) (((... and Subversion!)))

Learn the practical skills and methods in working with new materials,
collaboration in production and pick-up experience of artists&activist
...all in 2 days in Split and 2 days in Vis
...or as much and where you can take part!

POP-UP RAINBOW// / / Workshop – is an artivist workshop on engaged creativity that uses big and funny infaltable objects for interventions in public space. Motif is 8,5m big simbolic RAINBOW that works with multiple meanings as a symbol of LGBT visibility in public space and physical marker of queer transformation in sport. Cultural-jamming methods create unusual situation and interaction of instigators and public, issues in local context as well as media effects...

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