Cfi: Gaming Application - Call for interest - deadline 25th of April

The EGLSF has been granted funds from the European Union for a project “Preventing & Fighting Homophobic Violence & Intolerance in Sport – Pride in Sport”. EGLSF's bid includes the programming of a Anti-Discrimination Gaming Application for young people. The aim of the application is to raise awareness and understanding of discrimination such as homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism and discrimination against disabled people in sport and to give all young people the tools with which to challenge such discrimination where they encounter it. Ultimately, it is intended that the product will be available online for use by organisations working with young people, such as schools and youth centres. The application must appeal to young people, be current and potentially to remain relevant for at least three years (with future updates to be negotiated independently of this call).

The budget allocated in the EGLSF bid amounts to 50,000 of which 20% is to be co-financed by EGLSFs own funds.

event #1 EGLSF bylaws work group meet @Roodkapje

First event at QueerSport.LAB - INSTITUTION was informal working meeting of EGLSF bylaws work group meet between Armelle, Davy and Zeljko (this is a second meeting after the one in Paris TIP tournament about 5-6 weeks ago).
It was an effort of about 90min to explain to ourselves different perspectives, positions and argumentation one can take when looking of membership structures of organizations in LGBTQ sport. Notes were made for production of a joint position paper to be presented to EGLSF members as an attempt of not only to be changing existing bylaws, but also inform and inspire members to look at this issue from multiple perspectives and with different arguments (not just one's own).
Position paper will include both text on what should be considered when discussing representation (multiple representation as well as non-represented) and graphic visualizations to map existing situation and understand support changes. We will provide you with updates on our work on-line... including the graphics through GoogleDocs.

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