instituting of LGBT sport on-line networking

In past two days in meetings (Thursday - Ahoy and Friday - QueerSport.LAB) and several informal conversations the topic of instituting of LGBT sport on-line networking has been discussed among several people. Initiated by Maarten (of http://www.gaysportsfriends.org/), supported by Zeljko (of http://www.QueerSport.info/), with Emy, Sonia and Marc (of http://www.GayGames.org/), with Marc (http://www.panteresgrogues.cat/) and Azeem Ahmad (Vorspiel Berlin badminton)... Networking social efforts of Frank Kelly (out in Ireland) and technical services Stephane Colet (QUBE Sport) were discussed as well as experiences of Gay Sports Friends and FGG with different commercial service providers and qSPORT with Drupal.org open source CMS (...and web application framework).

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