Dear Mr Ahmed Aboutaleb

photo of Delegation of LGBTQ athletes at EuroGames 2011 with Mayor of Rotterdam

Dear Mr. Ahmed Aboutaleb,
I would like to wish you all the best in 2012 on behalf of the EuroGames 2011 participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina. We all remember the moment of the opening in Rotterdam and your inspirational speech about equality in human rights and access to sport for all. It was especially touching to hear you talk about community outreach to Eastern Europe where situation of legal regulation, practical application of it and reality of life in economically deprived society go against LGBTQ population. This inspired us to take this photo with you.

QueerSport-in-SEE group meet @Roodkapje

QueerSport.LAB hosted first working meeting of LGBTQ sport people from South East Europe. After meeting informally and individually before this meeting was a first working coordination. Unfortunately all of Slovenian athletes, some of Croatia and Bosnia&Herzegovina were missing due to their sport schedule, but we hope to catch up with them in next days.

In about 90min participants introduced themselves and discussed different perspectives on coordination and collaboration potentials. Positions and focuses are different based on capacities and resources, as well as local context of organizations. Hopefully this will be used to advance to a more diverse LGBTQ sport development work in the region then elsewhere in Europe. Notes were made for making a joint calendar and activities - especially for potential fundraising (Youth in Action program) and next real-life meetings (Zagreb in October, maybe Ljubljana in November and in 2012 maybe Podgorica in May and for sure Split hosted EGLSF AGA in March).

After initial internal working start we were joined by EuroGames 2012 organizers from Budapest who presented big changes in the Outreach management (connecting it at Budapest directly to volunteering), lower entry level registrations (for basic sport package) and also introducing LGBTQ Business forum (add-on to know formula of Sport&Culture programs). We also talked a bit with Bulgarian representatives about potential of networking in Romania and other countries.

More updates will follow-up on as other individuals who were missing from the meeting and potential international partners and supporters are approached.

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