CfP: Sport, Gender and Media Conference - deadline: 12th December 2011

Conference Call For Papers

Call for Papers
Sport, Gender and Media
10th March 2012
CFP deadline: 12th December 2011

We invite all postgraduate and early career researchers interested in gendered aspects of sport to a one-day interdisciplinary conference.

This is a growing academic field which addresses important questions about equality, public health, representation, participation, citizenship and ‘fair play.’ With the Olympics in the UK, and a likely glut of related journalism, 2012 is an opportune time to investigate the framing of media relationships between sport and gender.

The conference will be interdisciplinary, and welcomes contributions from many fields in order to foster understanding of, and promote relationships between a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives. We also intend to celebrate the achievements of women in sport, and this conference will be part of the marking International Women’s Day.

GLQ journal - call for proposals: "The Athletic Issue"

From GLQ website: "Providing a much-needed forum for interdisciplinary discussion, GLQ publishes scholarship, criticism, and commentary in areas as diverse as law, science studies, religion, political science, and literary studies. Its aim is to offer queer perspectives on all issues touching on sex and sexuality."

IDENSITAT call for sport+art projects in Spain 2012

IDENSITAT is a quite exceptional art project/organization (based in Barcelona) that investigates ways to impact the public sphere through commissioning/supporting work (productions, publications, exhibitions...) that explore physical and social aspects of place and territory. In the ID*A line of activities for creative projects based on a particular theme, specific to the physical, social and temporal dimensions of a particular site IDENSITAT (together with Spanish Council for Sport) opens a second call in ID*SPORT series . This is one of the most interesting calls around for creatives interested in producing sport related projects. Their webpage lists some of the projects supported by last years call.

"I'm more stronger"

"I'm more stronger" that's reason why Alex was playing the male team at the EuroGames.

In parallel to Zeljko 's relational art practice in form of QueerSports.LAB (in Roodkapje’s Work-in-Progress residency space), I’ve done work more related to the construction of identities while joining him. Probably because it is difficult for me to work with the LGBT movement, which I find dated and as they have been mostly accommodated in the normalization of a series of models of homosexuality ( far I encountered many ideological walls in my way with LGBT community). Practitioners of these models tend to forget that a full reform is not completed, as binary separation of two genders is still very present. It is my opinion that these gays and lesbians often remain insensitive to general non acceptance of more-queer individuals by society who do not fit basic models of gay or lesbian. Among my psychowanking Zeljko introduced me to a guy who came from Mostar in Herzegowina (less pronounced part of Bosnia&Herzegowina) to play basketball and whose name is Alex. One of his particular characteristics is that after many years of professionally in local basketball team he doesn’t play basketball anymore but has come to an international tournament. This is a common denominator of quite a few participants in the EuroGames. Another is that he changed sex from female to male. One of the reasons for Alex to participate in the EuroGames was to join male league.

QueerSport.LAB closing Sunday afternoon...

After 4 days of work-in-progress activities, QueerSport.LAB closing Sunday afternoon in casual conversations with: athletes from South East Europe who for the first time took part in EuroGames, Maarten Freriks who initiated, EGLSF members and special guest researcher Matthew Roebuck - who is writing a book on The Other Olympics

instituting of LGBT sport on-line networking

In past two days in meetings (Thursday - Ahoy and Friday - QueerSport.LAB) and several informal conversations the topic of instituting of LGBT sport on-line networking has been discussed among several people. Initiated by Maarten (of, supported by Zeljko (of, with Emy, Sonia and Marc (of, with Marc ( and Azeem Ahmad (Vorspiel Berlin badminton)... Networking social efforts of Frank Kelly (out in Ireland) and technical services Stephane Colet (QUBE Sport) were discussed as well as experiences of Gay Sports Friends and FGG with different commercial service providers and qSPORT with open source CMS (...and web application framework).

First Impression

Until now I've been trying to conduct interviews with participants of the EuroGames for a couple of days without much success by the number and in the content of interviews. I could not extract any solid sense, political cause, sentimental reason, compelling content, or meaning to justify the existence or organization of a EuroGames. From my point of view this is not an isolated incident in the organization of gay sport tournments but something that is also shared with the Gay Pride. These events lost their initial content and have been stripped of meaning they had in the past when the repression of LGBT people was a link to different political and intellectual opinions converged on a strong movement. Now they become parties to produce income, confirm power relations and validate stereotypes. The LGBT movement (if one can use the word still) is no longer fighting for the plurality, but acceptance in homogenization.

My conclusion as a first time spectator is that the only motivation behind the participants of the EuroGames is meeting guys, traveling and spending causal time. This conclusion could have an interesting political content. But this simple and unpretentious concept is masked in a bubble of universal ideals such as human rights, equality, difference, etc. using them indiscriminately and without substance. Even posing a question: Do gay people need a special league because they can’t compete in general ones? Are gays weaker than straight?

To become a torchbearer.

“My dream is to become a torchbearer” was the sentence that defined a young chines boy in a particular moment, during the Beijing Olympic Games, wearing angel wings in a land which haven't seen many angels so far, while holding a fake red Greek-like paper torch. Probably, as Olympics finished, he likely forgot about this dream, because he was in love with the hero and not with - becoming a hero.

What does it mean to be a torchbearer? What does it mean to compete in elite sports? Those are the questions I pose to myself by thinking about what QueerSports stands for. As any queer political action starts learning from it’s reference in order to pervert it, to show it’s performativity, to expose it as fake, showing it as a social construction. Watching a documentary about Michael Jordan a reporter told him ‘In the game of stars you are the star of the stars’ that sums-up - what is to be elite athlete, as people who go for success sacrifice everything for the victory. There are no second places. This is not a fantasy or metaphor it's how it works, as to be good at sports u have to train till the last breath since u are very young, constructing yourself into a system towards perfection and into norms of competitiveness. Once you become professional, sports and fun are not connected any more. It is not crazy to believe that is a extreme representation of reality and of the value of success in life. Elite sports in that respect is dangerous product of society as it creates role models impossible to reach.

Sports are factories of heroes. Those heroes that doesn't exist any more, those heroes that don't make mistakes and who are strong in mind and body, those heroes that play alone, self made, super gendered, playing the perfect male/female role, successful, beyond any one else, simple of mind but real fighters. But heroism is ephemeral, only works when you win a gold medal, media preserves the hero but the person behind the hero is not a hero anymore. In sports there are only winners, looser are erased. But as victory is a temporary status, not inherent to people, all the winner became looser just after they win. They are made to be a star, a missile no one can stop, but at list they are all asteroids.

QueerSport-in-SEE group meet @Roodkapje

QueerSport.LAB hosted first working meeting of LGBTQ sport people from South East Europe. After meeting informally and individually before this meeting was a first working coordination. Unfortunately all of Slovenian athletes, some of Croatia and Bosnia&Herzegovina were missing due to their sport schedule, but we hope to catch up with them in next days.

In about 90min participants introduced themselves and discussed different perspectives on coordination and collaboration potentials. Positions and focuses are different based on capacities and resources, as well as local context of organizations. Hopefully this will be used to advance to a more diverse LGBTQ sport development work in the region then elsewhere in Europe. Notes were made for making a joint calendar and activities - especially for potential fundraising (Youth in Action program) and next real-life meetings (Zagreb in October, maybe Ljubljana in November and in 2012 maybe Podgorica in May and for sure Split hosted EGLSF AGA in March).

After initial internal working start we were joined by EuroGames 2012 organizers from Budapest who presented big changes in the Outreach management (connecting it at Budapest directly to volunteering), lower entry level registrations (for basic sport package) and also introducing LGBTQ Business forum (add-on to know formula of Sport&Culture programs). We also talked a bit with Bulgarian representatives about potential of networking in Romania and other countries.

More updates will follow-up on as other individuals who were missing from the meeting and potential international partners and supporters are approached.

...ongoing interviews with artist Jose Begega

Jose Begega, Barcelona based artist will conduct a research and produce work in 5 day residency of Roodkapje’s work-in-progress space during the EuroGames 2011 (21.07.11-24.07.11.) on daily basis 18-21h and on private arrangement. He will inquire international participants of the event on their positions and visions in sport. What is driving their participation? What inspires them? How their experiences of LGBT sport is different from mainstream competitions? What are ideals they aim at? Role models they have? Personal obsessions and focuses? Audio produced in the process will be collected as material to form an assemblage of collective thoughts and individual expressions in given context.
Visit the exhibition, talk to artists and take part in the project on afternoons and evenings each day or get in touch via email:, for a fixed appointment. Outcomes will be presented on Sunday afternoon.


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