First Impression

Until now I've been trying to conduct interviews with participants of the EuroGames for a couple of days without much success by the number and in the content of interviews. I could not extract any solid sense, political cause, sentimental reason, compelling content, or meaning to justify the existence or organization of a EuroGames. From my point of view this is not an isolated incident in the organization of gay sport tournments but something that is also shared with the Gay Pride. These events lost their initial content and have been stripped of meaning they had in the past when the repression of LGBT people was a link to different political and intellectual opinions converged on a strong movement. Now they become parties to produce income, confirm power relations and validate stereotypes. The LGBT movement (if one can use the word still) is no longer fighting for the plurality, but acceptance in homogenization.

My conclusion as a first time spectator is that the only motivation behind the participants of the EuroGames is meeting guys, traveling and spending causal time. This conclusion could have an interesting political content. But this simple and unpretentious concept is masked in a bubble of universal ideals such as human rights, equality, difference, etc. using them indiscriminately and without substance. Even posing a question: Do gay people need a special league because they can’t compete in general ones? Are gays weaker than straight?

Beyond organizations the innocence and lack of pretension with which participants approach the sport is what I find most interesting compared to the straight leagues. And inside this context few really interesting things happen: One the creation of mixed teams where the gender is not essential. Other is that transgender, transsexual and in between identities actively participate on an equal footing . This opens door to call people who do not fit into any competition. This space is where QueerSports is creating sense when we look at the most Queer within the queers. That's when other models than normative are, accidentally, not pretentious, making social changes, because the rules in LGBT Sports are more flexible not as evil as the established norms. So the interviews from now on will be aimed at this group of Queer within the queers.