Cfp: the Material Culture of Sport - deadline 13 February 2012

Design History Society Annual Conference The Material Culture of Sport
University of Brighton, UK
13-15 September 2012

‘An antique pot or painting is a direct and meaningful articulation of an ancient culture . . . But football is necessarily about movement, athleticism, fleeting moments and huge crowds; a couple of old medals, a few international caps and a pile of old pro- grammes . . . hardly capture the essence of the game.’ (Nick Hornby, quoted in Kevin Moore, Museums and Popular Culture, 1997)
The international 3-day conference coincides with and complements the 2012 London Olympic Games and Cultural Olympiad but is not intended simply to celebrate the Olympics ideal or, indeed, to deal exclusively with the material culture of the Olympic Games. Rather, it will be a timely opportunity to embrace research in the material culture of sport in all its manifestations, from and across various academic disciplines including art, architecture and design, art and design history, material culture studies, history, sports studies, film studies, museum and heritage studies, media and cultural studies, sociology, anthropology, gender studies, economics, and politics. This call for papers invites original and current (unpublished) research by speakers dealing with methodological and historical perspectives, and issues and themes concerning any of the following subject areas, from any period in any part of the world:
• Sports architecture, stadia and gymnasia
• Public baths and lidos
• The impact of sporting events on transport design and housing
• Sports statues, sculpture and monuments
• Sportswear and team strips
• Sports kit and equipment
• Trophies and medals
• Sports quilts and fabrics
• Sport, the museum and collecting
• Advertising, branding and sport
• Graphic design and sport
• Sporting and hunt prints
• Fashion, dress and sport
• Film (amateur and professional) and sport
• Photography and sport
• Media representations of sport
• Sports periodicals and annuals
• Sports television
• Sports memorabilia and mascots
• Event programmes
• Digital sport
• Board games; Nintendo and Playstation games

Abstracts should be submitted for consideration to Dr Paul Jobling, School of Humanities, University of Brighton, 10-11 Pavilion Parade, Brighton, BN2 1RA, UK; e-mail: P.
Each entry should incorporate the following information:
Page 1: Author’s(s’) full name(s), (+gender (M/F), in brackets), Title – Position – Institution – Address for correspondence – Telephone – Fax – E-mail – Title of the paper – Five keywords.
Page 2: Abstract for the paper (maximum 300 words).

Deadline for submissions: 13 February 2012 Deadline for notification of acceptance: 14 May 2012

Keynote speakers: Iain Sinclair, esteemed British writer, poet, documentarist, polemicist, and film-maker. Iain’s paper will pick up the thread of heritage and the ‘throwaway impermanence of the present’ elaborated in his recent project, Ghost Milk: Calling Time on the Grand Project (2011), which begins in his east London home many years before it will be in- vaded by the Olympian machinery of global capitalism and strikes out—near and far—in search of the forgotten and erased.
Dr Iain Macrury, Reader in Cultural Sociology, University of East London and Director of the London East Research Institute. Iain is co-editor of Olympic Cities: 2012 and the Remaking of London (2009) and his paper on mascots is provisionally titled ‘Wenlock & Mandeville: historicity, materiality and the 2012 legacy’.

Conference venue and accommodation: The main venue will be the Grand Parade site of the University of Brighton, in the town centre. Single room, en suite accommodation for delegates will be available in the Phoenix student residences in central Brighton.