IDENSITAT call for sport+art projects in Spain 2012

Consejo Superior de Deportes + Idensitat [CSD + iD SPORT ]
2ª Call for projects [download rules in pdf - spanish text directly from website]
Deadline November 15, 2011

The Consejo Superior de Deportes [CSD] (Sports Council) in collaboration with Idensitat [ID SPORT] announces a call for interdisciplinary projects that promote the relationship between sport and social, cultural and creative areas. This text gives some references about the fields and specific targets aimed to influence and concrete information to complement the general guidelines.

We are witnessing the development of what might be considered as a “field” of social commitment in sports that did not exist until just a few years ago. This commitment takes on, as a main feature, topics of social exclusion with interventions in disadvantaged neighbourhoods or groups in situations of social exclusion.
The increasing prominence of activities and sports projects directed at these sectors leads us to research experiences in what we might call " good practices " to build an archive as a resource for learning, debating, and to build relationships among sport, social interventions, and creative practices (art, design, architecture, etc.).

We believe that sport interacting with these fields can support processes of social cohesion, especially when it helps to create places, or to strengthen already existing venues, where peer groups can meet and communicate.. In this way, sport can become an interesting source of social capital and an element in the creation of different social networks (contacts, friends, friendship, prestige, etc.).

Within creative practices, sport is often treated as circumstantial or thematic, but some examine certain social dynamics as a basis for work regarding relationships and shared creativity. Sport enhances these kinds of relationships and connections. Sports activities usually facilitate contact and relationships between individuals and groups of different backgrounds without the protocols demanded in other types of activities. Bringing both aspects together, we believe, can help develop projects to stimulate social creativity and an exchange of values particular to every field of action in certain local contexts .

We also believe that within this dynamic, it is important to recognise the limits both of sports and creative practices. That is, sport or sports activities, as well as art or creative activities, by themselves do not change situations of social or cultural exclusion. This requires the combination of each party with policies and interventions from cross-disciplinary projects.

The aim of this call for projects is to identify existing work, to generate an archive of 'good practices' and disseminate them, and to support the creation of new cross-disciplinary experiences ARISING from the relationship between sport practices and artistic practices. The call is aimed at the wide range of organisers, creators and cultural agents throughout Spain.

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