...ongoing interviews with artist Jose Begega

Jose Begega, Barcelona based artist will conduct a research and produce work in 5 day residency of Roodkapje’s work-in-progress space during the EuroGames 2011 (21.07.11-24.07.11.) on daily basis 18-21h and on private arrangement. He will inquire international participants of the event on their positions and visions in sport. What is driving their participation? What inspires them? How their experiences of LGBT sport is different from mainstream competitions? What are ideals they aim at? Role models they have? Personal obsessions and focuses? Audio produced in the process will be collected as material to form an assemblage of collective thoughts and individual expressions in given context.
Visit the exhibition, talk to artists and take part in the project on afternoons and evenings each day or get in touch via email: josebegega@googlemail.com, for a fixed appointment. Outcomes will be presented on Sunday afternoon.