QueerSport.LAB - INSTITUTION @Roodkapje.org

Zeljko Blace is occupied with a concept of QueerSport as an exploratory quest for a more queer experience of sport. In short term residency at Roodkapje's work-in-progress space a second instance of QueerSport.LAB is setup. After a long term process of discussions with numerous LGBTQ sports people and cultural agents in the NL and internationally - resulting focus is on the process of 'INSTITUTION'. This time Barcelona based artist Jose Begega joined in the LAB.

Blace's visual and textual works, concept sketches and discussions arise from interactions with invited guests and random visitors will be on permanent display. Daily program includes topical sessions with special guests that will be discussing politicization, socialization and aestheticization of sport and will deal with the questions: What, Where, How and for Whom is QueerSport? Begega will use the EuroGames context to co-investigate social construct of an abstract identity: a gender neutral prototype of an ideal athlete and visions for QueerSport.

Space functioned as a recruitment center where diverse individuals from sport and athleticism engaged - posing questions: What are the relations of regulatory principles in sport and identity politics? When/How/Where can the tensions serve as catalysts for change and innovation? What are possible occasions, venues and resources for emergence of QueerSport? http://zeljko.blace.name/ - http://josebegega.com/ - http://roodkapje.org/